Where to Find the Best Anti Aging Creams

There is a lot of hype about which products are the best anti aging creams available today to American consumers. Opinion is even split on whether these products actually accomplish anything at all, though most naysayers usually concede that there is some positive effect on skin when well-researched, carefully designed formulas are used as directed.The ambitious goal of halting or reversing the effects of time on the human body is a very old one. More than likely we have all imagined it at some point in our lives, when we feel our youth slipping away, or our favorite tunes suddenly start turning up on the oldies station. What is new is a quiet groundswell of medically certified anti aging doctors hanging up shingles in your neighborhoods. These are not people waiting to treat the symptoms of being “old.” They are professionals trying to slow down your body from getting old.Truly, and scientifically, being able to slow down the physical effects of getting older – it sounds like science fiction, or maybe the introduction to a new horror movie. Holding on to our physical youth is such a basic desire for so many people that it would be an easy crowd for scam artists and carpet baggers hawking their wares. Even the best anti aging creams have limits to what they can accomplish — they may make you look younger, but not actually be younger.So do anti aging doctors really do anything new? Are their practices growing? Are there any documented successes? If so, can the results be trusted? Apparently the answer to all of these questions is a qualified “Yes.” Support for medical research into this field is growing, and product lines are being marketed which achieve positive results by helping people feel and look younger. Maybe there is some logic in trying to arrest the age problem rather than only treating the symptoms.New techniques are being generated in the name of slowing down the aging process, though to date their success still lies in improving the appearance of a mature patient’s skin. Thermage is a procedure that uses radio waves to stimulate the subject’s own collagen growth, which then smooths out wrinkles. New wrinkle reducing injection products, similar to Botox, are also being developed and brought to market.A direct benefit to the consumer is the growing availability of the world’s best anti aging creams through your local health and beauty supplier, or through internet vendors. There are anti wrinkle products which boast short- and long-term results. Even Dr. Oz of The Oprah Show weighed in to support the use of dietary supplements which include anti-oxidants to promote youthful skin.Leaving aside the idea of a fountain of youth or other age-traveling concoction there is a general consensus on other steps you can take to reduce the “real age” of your body — and they are nothing that you have not heard before. Just about all physicians, not just anti aging doctors, will tell you that you will look and feel better, and likely younger, by implementing: a healthy diet, a reasonable daily exercise routine, and a reduced-stress lifestyle.There is one more point upon which the medical and cosmetic communities agree. The single most effective product for slowing down the ravages of time – one of the best anti aging creams you can use — is a regularly applied, high SPF sunscreen.

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