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9 Tips to Save Money – Personal Finance Basics

There are plenty of simple tips to save money when dealing with personal finance basics. Some are slightly more time consuming than others but despite that fact it is completely worth what time it might take. If you only follow one or two of the following tips you could save hundreds of dollars each year.REQUEST FREE SAMPLES:There are plenty of websites that offer free samples for every day products. Even the huge stores such as K-Mart or Petsmart have great opportunities for everyday people to get free items. These items range from skin moisturizers and shampoos to frozen food or bathroom products. Another option is to visit a manufacturer’s website to find those free samples on brand new items. If you need something, type ‘free sample’ into Google before you go to the store to purchase it. This is the beginning of mastering personal finance basics.CHANGE CREDIT CARD SPENDING AND HABITS:Credit cards can be wonderful but can be dangerous. With high interest rates and monthly fees, credit cards may wind up costing you a lot more in the future than you expected.My rules of thumb:- always use cash unless its for a major purchase- be certain you are able to pay for the item before you use a credit card- be sure you can pay the balance of your credit cardAVOID IMPULSE BUYS:Everyone has had to push a shopping cart through the aisles of the grocery store and the moment we get to the check out we have double the amount we planned to get. Always, always, always create a shopping list, follow it and never purchase anything that’s not on that list. This should include any type of shopping like wardrobe, food or entertainment. Retail outlets are mapped out specifically for impulse buys with candy racks and gum within easy reach. Make your list, check it twice, and follow it.SHOP THE SALE RACK:This is another personal finance basics rule but don’t confuse this with an impulse buy. You have your list and know what you need, so check the sale display before you shop. Chances are you will locate that said item on sale and pay half the usual price. Food stores operate the same way. They usually over order products and are forced to run unadvertised specials on overstock items. Just make sure the item is on your list.SAVE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY: This may be the hardest thing you have to do when money is tight, but it just might be the most critical step to take. According to the book ‘The Wealthy Barber’ you should save ten per cent of your paycheck every month. That may not sound like much but it will add up rather quickly and if wisely invested it will assist your retirement down the road.SAVE YOUR CHANGE:This may sound a little silly but this little tip is a great one. How? Because in some way’s it’s like found cash. After you come home from the store put any loose change into a jar. Each month or every couple of months count up the change, roll it up and deposit it into your bank account or reward yourself to a well deserved evening out. These are the personal finance basics you learned when you were very young.BUY IN BULK:We’ve already touched on shopping but I have another shopping tip that mostly applies to buying grocery’s. Buy in bulk. If you drink a lot of fruit juice and you see that it is on sale at half price, buy four rather than two or purchase the 24 pack of water instead of the smaller 12 pack. This may seem easy but plenty of people do not make bulk buys on every day products.CLIP COUPONS:I know this might make you feel like your grand parent but this is another great way to save plenty of cash. It only takes a few minutes every week and you can end up saving hundreds of dollars each year on items you were already going to buy. Go through your local newspaper or check online for some amazing coupons.RECYCLE PLASTIC BAGS:This is a wonderful way to ‘Go Green’ and it will save you money too! Lots of stores are now making you pay as much as 10 cents for plastic bags. Chances are you have about 1,000 hidden away in your closest already. Couldn’t you just bring them to the store and use them again? Another way to recycle and save money is to use those plastic bags from the store in your garbage under your kitchen sink or in the bathroom. You don’t have to spend $5 each month on a box of kitchen garbage bags when you already have them at home.These easy tips will save you lots of money and they are simple and might even be fun. It’s always rewarding to know that you have started to take the first steps to becoming free from debt. By carefully following these tips to save money you are one your way to understanding the personal finance basics all of us should know.

Vegetarian Lifestyle – A Lifestyle With Many Benefits

Some people may tend to see vegetarians as cult-like people, roaming the streets to convince people to be the same, savers of chickens and cows and discriminated people in the society. But the truth is, the vegetarian culture does differ much with any other culture present in the society.Actually, chances are that you may know some people in work, school or community who are silently enjoying the vegetarian lifestyle. Now, you can help dispel some of these negative thoughts about vegetarians and vegetarianism itself.You can easily distinguish a vegetarian from others by simply looking at what that person eats.Obviously, meat is a definite ‘no’ on a vegetarian’s plate.But in case you are a vegetarian and your family is not, you can still comfortably dine with them.With a vegetarian is in the family, you are more likely to see more soy, fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator. But the idea that vegetarians cannot go well with meat-eaters is definitely a big misconception. There are plenty of ways for a vegetarian to co-mingle with meat-eaters and most are so easy to do.Shopping with a vegetarian is completely an enlightening trip… and a quite different experience as well. Being a vegetarian is not just about the food you do not eat but the food that you eat.Vegetarianism is all about new approaches in choosing and preparing foods and dietary plans, which means that a vegetarian will not be buying the same foods as other people. Vegetarians are more likely to spend most of their shopping time in the fresh foods section.Shopping with a vegetarian does not always mean the place would be the grocery store; there are so many more opportunities for a vegetarian. Vegetarians may go to a local warehouse and purchase grains and beans to replace meat for the protein requirements of their body. A visit to a farmer’s market and even to a vegetarian specialty store are also favorite alternatives to the traditional grocery store shopping.There are always Vegetarian communities and groups that help promote the vegetarian lifestyle. With just a bit time spent being around a vegetarian will truly be a unique experience and open up your mind to vegetarianism and you will further understand why they have decided to choose the lifestyle.

One Way to Take the Gamble Out of Home Repairs

Anyone who has ever had problems fixing their own home repairs, understands what a gamble it is sometimes to even attempt to fix difficult home repairs that might involve plumbing, electrical, heating, air conditioning or even structural framing.One way to take the gamble out of home repairs is to educate yourself about them. You’re going to find this hard to believe, but a little knowledge about home remodeling, home building and even home repairs can save you a ton of money and frustration in the future.You’re determined to fix the problem and repair your home, without hiring a contractor. You’re tired of paying ridiculous amounts of money to have someone come over to your home for two hours and charge you $500. You know that you can fix it on your own and you’re going to this time.With that type of determination, success is inevitable, but how do you fix the problem, if you really don’t know how to. I think I can help you solve your problem. I am a strong advocate for public libraries, if you have a public library near your home, I suggest that you take a trip down there, to see what kind of home repair books they have.My library has a large section on home repair books and there are plenty of books that can solve almost every problem that you could possibly think about in your home. If you don’t have a public library, do you have a local bookstore where you could purchase or order a book on the type of home repair that you need to make.Books are wonderful source of information and most people seem to forget about them. If you’re serious about doing your own home repairs, I suggest that you purchased a few home repair books and start saving money, doing your own home repairs.